Hubble: The Web 3 Explorer

Hubble: The Web 3 Explorer

Hubble enables the adoption and usability of the next generation of Web 3 protocols.

Hubble is the platform validators and token holders use to explore and interact with Web 3 protocols. Hubble redefines what a block explorer should be by enhancing the protocol data available instead of simply presenting it.

Validators use Hubble to monitor their performance, manage proposals, and obtain valuable insights into their delegator base.

Users and token holders use Hubble to stake, vote, and track their rewards. It becomes the Hub that manages their whole Web 3 experience.

Explore Web 3

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Hubble Offers:

  • Transactional and staking data updated in real-time
  • Customizable alerts for on-chain events
  • Historical validator performance data
  • The ability to track and export delegator reward data
  • The ability to track and participate in on-chain governance
  • Transaction search by account, date range, type, and memo field

Hubble is for:

Stake-Based Services

Token Holders

Exchanges and Custodians


DApp Developers

Data Providers

Community & DecentralizationEnabling pre-launch testnet and mainnet upgrade communication and coordination
Token holdersStaking, Tools, Data and Governance functionality
Developers & DAppsNode API services, Data APIs, Advanced Analytics developer tools

Customer Quotes


“We are incredibly excited about having a community focused platform where the SKALE’s validators, delegators and other members can interact with the SKALE Network.”


“Each network has its own unique requirements. Figment has added a combination of customized validator analytics, events/alerts, governance tools, and rewards reporting for these four networks. Community participation is one of the core values for Tezos. We’re looking forward to having Hubble as another platform for our validators, delegators, and various stakeholders to interface with the Tezos protocol. ”

Get started with Hubble

Whether you’re a network, infrastructure provider, token holder or developer, Hubble can give you the right tools to realize your potential in next-generation of Web 3 protocols.