Agoric is currently running its incentivized testnet until Q2 2021 with mainnet soon to follow. Contact us for more information on staking with Figment and subscribe to our weekly digest for up to date information. 

Learn More About Agoric

Agoric is a smart contract platform designed to bring millions of developers to the DeFi frontier. By using JavaScript as its smart contract language, the Agoric developer experience will be familiar, secure, and composable. 

The Agoric chain is built to be:

  • A DeFi Powerhouse – Contract framework and integrated stablecoins built in enabling predictable costs and long-term smart contracts.
  • Extensible – Chain governance and staking economics implemented as smart contracts enabling quick ideation and future improvements like staking derivatives.
  • Interoperable – Dynamic IBC enables the Agoric chain to leverage assets, collateral, and services from other chains.  

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