Why Stake with Figment?

Experienced & Trusted

Experienced & Trusted

Original testnet participant.

Serving many of Keep’s early investors.

Figment is a venture funded, registered Canadian company, based in Toronto. Canada offers stability, rule of law and clear crypto regulation.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Figment Prime discounts available for large token holders.

Active participant in the Keep ecosystem.

Security & Safety

Security & Safety

The world’s most advanced physical IDC + multi-cloud staking infrastructure.



Protected via industry leading delegation agreement. 

Delegating KEEP Tokens

Keep delegations are different than those of other popular staking networks. You’ll first need to contact Figment via:

Our comprehensive staking delegation guide can be found here.

Once you have verified that you have your KEEP token grant, ensure that Figment has provided you with the addresses required for your delegation. We will give you unique addresses that are specifically for your delegation.

All changes to delegations (whether increasing, decreasing, or undelegating) will take 60 days to complete, during which time you will not receive rewards, so it will be important to get your delegation correct from the start.

Be sure to so we can help ensure that your delegation is done correctly.

Fiat-to-Token Exchange

Please see our comprehensive guide on fiat to crypto on-ramps for all staking tokens.

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What is Keep?

The Keep Network will enable privacy options for Ethereum applications and users. “Keeps” will hold small amounts of data in the secure, distributed Keep Network, which is launching with two core applications.

Keep’s Core Application: The Random Beacon

The Random Beacon will provide a source of verifiable randomness. No one, including the signers, knows who the signers will be they are selected by the Random Beacon. Why is this randomness important? Signers are unable to collude to steal funds or to attack the network.

tBTC will use the Random Beacon

The tBTC application will leverage Keep’s ability to keep small amounts of data enable the network to store a private key without revealing the key to anyone. A system of signer groups will process transactions without a trusted middleman, and will act as a bridge to enable Ethereum smart contracts to trustlessly sign Bitcoin transactions. What makes tBTC important?

tBTC will bring the value of Bitcoin to Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem

tBTC will let Ethereum smart contracts lock BTC on the Bitcoin Network and mint Ethereum-based tBTC tokens, which will be backed by real BTC. You may think this already exists, but not without trusted parties being involved. How?

Using secure multi-party computation, smart contracts will communicate cross-chain by signing transactions between chains using distributed threshold signers. Decentralized transaction signing will be performed using private keys without revealing them. Responsibility for signatures is divided, requiring a threshold number of participants to create a signature using their key shares.

Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s possible we will see Keep Network also functioning on Cosmos, Zcash, and Polkadot as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stake my KEEP tokens?

The easiest & most secure way to stake KEEP tokens is to delegate, and you can do that with the Figment team. Check out our guide here.

Figment will provide instructions, support, and information about the risks involved:

How can I bond my ETH to earn rewards?

Contact us. Figment will provide instructions, support, and information about the rewards and risks involved:

18% of the KEEP supply (180M KEEP) will be awarded to participants that bond ETH.

What are the rewards for delegating KEEP tokens?

The KEEP supply is a fixed amount of one billion tokens, and 2% of the supply (20M tokens) will be awarded to KEEP stakers as a subsidy for an initial period.

If you stake KEEP, you’ll also earn fees in ETH for each completed transaction. The fee amount will cover the gas costs plus an additional fee, estimated to be in the $10-50 USD range.

What are the risks involved in staking KEEP?

The biggest risks come from intentional, malicious behaviour. If your operator’s node attacks the Keep Network, the network will slash or seize the delegated funds.

While the Keep team has had their code audited by two of the best independent auditors, this is a new network, and it may behave in unexpected ways that result in slashed or seized funds.

Why can't I see my KEEP tokens?

Everyone with token allocations will begin with token grants that will vest over a period of time, so nobody will have KEEP tokens at first.

As you earn KEEP rewards, we recommend using a Ledger hardware wallet to store your tokens. You can connect your Ledger wallet to the Metamask Chrome extension, where you can add the KEEP token as a custom token.

Token contract address:


Adding the token should look like this, then click next.

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