The Graph is an indexing protocol for organizing and efficiently accessing data from blockchains and storage networks using GraphQL, accelerating blockchain application development.

Indexers are node operators that index data and serve queries in a query market. The Graph is currently being used in a centralized way by most of the popular Ethereum applications.

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Rewards Distributed weekly
Slashing None
Inflation 3% annually
Unbonding ~ 28 days
Compounding Rewards are automatically restaked

Optimizing Staking With Figment

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Figment is a venture funded, registered Canadian company based in Toronto. Canada offers stability, rule of law and clear crypto regulation.

Serving the world’s largest GRT holders.

30+ years of experience successfully scaling internet infrastructure companies.



We are targeting a ~15% Commission rate. 

Active participant in the GRT ecosystem.

Third-party custody solutions are available through our institutional partners.



The world’s most advanced physical IDC + multi-cloud staking infrastructure.

You maintain custody of your GRT at all times.

Protected via industry-leading Staking & Delegation agreement.

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Staking Guide & Instructions

Stake your GRT tokens in a few clicks by following these steps:

If your tokens are not locked, delegation is simple.

  1. With Metamask ready, head to and search for either of our addresses.
  2. Click the purple button and then delegate. Enter the number of tokens you want to delegate and submit the transaction. Use Gas Now if need be to select a custom gas price.

Note the fine print:
– a delegation costs 0.5%
– a redelegation will result in your GRT not earning for 28 days

Figment's Validator Addresses

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The Graph FAQ

Wallet: Metamask + Ledger hardware device (recommended)


The Graph’s native token, GRT, is a staking token for indexing, curating, and to participate in on-chain governance.

GRT is also used to pay for queries from The Graph network. When you delegate GRT, 0.5% of your delegation will be burned.



The Graph staking rewards and transfers began when The Graph mainnet launched on December 17, 2020.

Good question!

Initially, GRT is being staked to earn new issuance (“inflationary”) subsidies. That means that the GRT supply will increase and stakers will capture the newly issued GRT. Since staking rewards are tied to inflation, read about how inflation and rewards are related here.

Stakers will also capture fees from network transactions, so as Graph transaction volume increases, GRT stakers will earn more than new issuance subsidies.

The GRT also gives stakers the right to vote on policy decisions for how the Graph will operate and distribute treasury funds.

From the moment you initiate the unbonding process, it takes 28 days to unstake. During this time you will not earn rewards. When the process is complete, you can transfer/trade your GRT tokens.

You can self-custody The Graph’s GRT tokens, ideally using a Ledger hardware wallet.

Figment has partnerships with a number of top-in-class custodians:

The Graph protocol takes control of your GRT tokens while you are staking. 

No, your delegated GRT cannot be destroyed. However, when you initially delegate GRT, 0.5% of your delegation will be burned.

Staking income is settled by the indexer, which could take up to 28 days, depending upon indexer policy. Figment does this every Friday. The indexer does not hold delegator staking income at any point in time–the protocol handles this entirely.

Yes, if your indexer does not perform optimally, you will not earn fees.

There are two ways this can happen. Specifically, an Indexer that fails to respond quickly to query requests will lose fee capture opportunities. Indexers that price queries too high will not be selected.

More broadly, an Indexer that does not index high-traffic subgraphs will not be an optimal earner.

New GRT is being issued at an annual rate of 3% of the total supply. An estimated 1% of query fees will be burned, any unclaimed rebate rewards, and the 0.5% delegator deposit tax will be burned as well. You can read more about token distribution here and about token economics here.

The Graph will use on-chain governance to change key parameters, economic and otherwise. Read about The Graph Foundation here and about The Graph Council here.

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