Build the Next Great Privacy-Enabled Application with DataHub

With DataHub, Oasis Network developers no longer have to worry about managing infrastructure as we offer direct access to Oasis Network APIs via our highly available full node infrastructure. This will ensure that your privacy-enabled application is always connected to Oasis Network and able to submit transactions, so that you can focus on building a better experience for your users. Sign-up for access today.

The launch of Oasis Network and other privacy preserving protocols marks a new era in the Web 3 ecosystem. Enabling privacy in blockchain technology will bring forth a new cohort of use cases for the next generation of Web 3 adopters. The Oasis Network community believes in a better internet where users regain control of their data. We share that vision at Figment, which is why we are proud to announce Datahub for Oasis. 


Why DataHub?

We built DataHub to empower blockchain application developers by opening a gateway to Web 3 protocols. 

Building and running a decentralized application can be an extremely costly and difficult process without the right tools, knowledge, and resources. Developers usually need to run a node to access the network necessary to power their application. This would be a similar experience to managing your own server to keep your website up and running. The lack of developer resources that are easily available for Web 2 developers hinders the growth of the Web 3 ecosystem. 

DataHub solves this problem for Oasis developers. Instead of developers having to run their own Oasis Network node, Oasis Network developers can easily connect and interact with the Oasis Network without having to manage their own infrastructure. This allows Oasis Network developers to focus on what they do best, which is develop amazing privacy-enabled applications. 

DataHub Offers:

  • High availability access to Oasis Network APIs backed by redundant infrastructure
  • Currently free to access for Oasis developers (up to 1 million request per day)
  • Ability to submit transactions
  • Ability to read on chain data

Our hope for DataHub is that it makes building on Oasis Network as easy as building on Web 2.

Why Oasis?

We look for a few key characteristics when deciding to support new networks – sound technology & network architecture, a strong core team, a well thought out mission & roadmap, and a diverse community. Oasis Network has all those characteristics. We hold firm beliefs that Oasis Network can live up to its vision and we are glad to be a part of its growth. 

A Growing Ecosystem

We have been involved in the Oasis Network ecosystem as an active participant since 2019. We have been running infrastructure on Oasis Network since the initial incentivized testnet, built Oasis Hubble, and have hosted events with the Oasis Network team with the hope of further educating the ever growing community along the way. 

Now, as we approach mainnet launch, we see DataHub as the next great tool we can build for the Oasis Network community. 

We look forward to seeing the next generation of privacy-enabled applications built on Oasis Network. 

Sign-up for Oasis DataHub today.

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