Cosmos, Kava & Terra Income Reports

Figment has built an open system for staking reward reporting that generates income reports Cosmos Hub 1, 2, 3, Kava, and Terra accounts. You can generate your reports here:

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Reporting Your Staking Rewards Income

On February 2, 2020, we announced that we were building an open system for staking rewards reporting so that anyone could generate income reports for Cosmos Hub 1, 2, and 3. At the end of March, we launched this simple interface for generating your income reports.

Figment’s interface allows you to input either your Cosmos Hub, Kava, or Terra (in beta) account address. For Cosmos reports, select the chain you want your report for. Cosmos Hub 1 launched March 2019, Cosmos Hub launched April 2019, and Cosmos Hub 3 launched in December 2019.

Note: Terra reporting is in beta, so we’re looking for feedback via

Cosmos Hub 3, Kava, Terra reports

For Cosmos Hub 3, Kava, and Terra, there are six (6) columns in your report.

  1. Timestamp: the time (UTC) of the captured data
  2. Height: the block number of captured data
  3. Pending Rewards: the accrued rewards that have not yet been withdrawn to the account
  4. Pending Commission: validator rewards (for validator accounts) that have not yet been withdrawn
  5. Withdrawals: the amount withdrawn from ‘pending rewards’ to the account
  6. Income: the staking rewards income earned in the day of the ‘timestamp’

Cosmos Hub 1 & 2 reports

For Cosmos Hub 1 and Cosmos Hub 2, there are two additional columns in your report.

  1. Balance: the total balance of the account at ‘timestamp’ (does not include pending rewards)
  2. Net Tx: the total amount transferred on the day of ‘timestamp’

Cosmos Hub 1 & 2: Bugs & Incomplete Data

Warning: While our tests suggest that Cosmos Hub 3 data is complete, we encountered errors in Cosmos Hub 1 and Cosmos Hub 2, and some users may find their account data to be incomplete.

Figment’s interface should notify you if there are errors in your report.

However, you should scrutinize your Hub 2 & 3 reports to ensure completeness. We encourage you to also use Chorus One’s Anthem and to compare both reports. Figment and Chorus used different methods to generate reports, and bugs have been reported for both methods.

What’s issue? The Hub 1 and Hub 2 data have errors that cause gaiad to panic when we make read queries.

Thanks to ICF for Support

We plan to continue to host the rewards reporting site for the Cosmos, Kava, and Terra communities with caveats being that Cosmo Hub 1 and Cosmos Hub 2 data may be incomplete and that Terra is in beta.

Thanks to support from the Interchain Foundation, we used the knowledge we gained from building our internal rewards reporting tools to build this new system. Everything has been open sourced, including the command line interface (CLI).