Figment Podcasts

Village Global’s Crypto Stories: A Primer on Crypto-Native Funds

Andrew Cronk (Figment), Meher Roy (Chorus One), and Jake Brukhman (CoinFund) discuss evaluating crypto networks and what it means to have institutional investors paying attention to space. They talk about the unique way that an investment firm participates in the growth of a network in the crypto world and why it’s more important to be a network participant than just a funder.

Village Global’s Crypto Stories: “Explain Generalized Mining Like I’m Five”

Andrew Cronk (Figment) goes into generalized mining. He contrasts sending someone money via PayPal with sending someone money via a decentralized network. He talks about whether firms with different approaches in the space can co-exist and what it means to be a validator and why it’s important for a firm to be an active participant in a network. Andrew also explains how and why they’ve set up Figment to be itself a decentralized firm with no office and individuals working around the world.