Figment’s 9% Cosmos Hub commission rate

Hard Work Pays Off

It’s an exciting time to be in the Cosmos universe, with the first major upgrade in less than a week. We’ve worked hard to make this upgrade proposal a success, and we’ve also worked hard to diversify revenue streams. Now we can pass along those savings to delegators, while continuing to reinvest into Hubble & governance efforts.

commission rate

Let’s Share the Rewards

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be cutting our commission rate by 25%. You may have noticed that our commission rate has been decreasing by 1% each day. At 10p ET tonight, our rate will remain at 9%, with a pledge of 30 days’ notice before increasing it.

Backing Figment’s validator with your delegated stake helps us to secure a stronger position in the Cosmos Hub’s governance structure. We see governance as critical to how the Cosmos Hub will develop and to the value of the $ATOM. Staking with Figment also helps us to reinvest into the Cosmos ecosystem.

Get Behind Validators That Contribute

This is a great opportunity to align your stake with a solid contributor to the Cosmos Hub. And give us a shout out on Twitter! Let other validators know who you’ve picked and how you decided.