Introducing: The Figment Prime Staking Dashboard

Your entire staking portfolio in one place. 

The Figment Prime V2 Staking Dashboard is here. Track portfolio and validator performance, stay informed on network events & governance proposals, and keep your earnings organized with exportable rewards reporting files. Learn more by reading below.

Investment in Web 3 technologies is not just based on speculation anymore. Proof of Stake and DeFi protocols allow investors to earn yield on their investments through network participation via staking, lending, providing liquidity, and more. With annual returns sometimes reaching as high as 100% APY, the desire to participate in these protocols as a token holder is greater than ever before. 

But there is a problem… As more investors journey away from centralized providers, their user experience becomes fragmented. It is  difficult to manage your staking positions and portfolio without the right tools, reporting, and high-quality customer service. Figment Prime and our proprietary Staking Dashboard solves these problems without taking custody of your assets, leaving you in full control of your investments.

Prime Staking Dashboard

Our Prime Staking Dashboard is the premium solution for large individual investors, institutions, hedge funds, and family offices investing in yield bearing Proof of Stake assets. Our staking dashboard allows you to:

  • Track your portfolio across multiple networks
  • Observe validator performance
  • Stay informed on network events and governance proposals
  • Export rewards reporting files
  • Manage multiple addresses on a single network
staking dashboard

Our Prime Staking Dashboard currently supports Cosmos (ATOM), Oasis (ROSE), and Polkadot (DOT). 

We will be adding support for Terra (LUNA), Kava (KAVA), Livepeer (LPT), NEAR (NEAR), and Celo (CELO) shortly with support for new networks coming in the future. 

staking dashboard

More than a Dashboard

Figment Prime is more than a dashboard. Our Prime service uniquely caters to the needs of large individual investors, institutions, hedge funds, and family offices that are looking for a more hands on experience from a high quality team. Figment Prime includes:

  • Our Staking Dashboard
  • Industry-leading SLAs
  • Slashing insurance (on select networks)
  • Network updates & Governance Advisory
  • Exclusive research/diligence reports including reward/slashing models
  • Monthly analyst calls and email/telegram updates
  • 24/7 support
  • Custody solutions via our institutional partners

Simply put, Figment Prime allows you to reap all the benefits of network participation without needing to worry about doing it alone. 

Our Staking Dashboard and full-service Figment Prime offering is available to all token holders currently staking or planning to stake at least $250,000 of an individual asset with Figment. Interested? Sign-up to become a Figment Prime Member today. 

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