Learn to Build a Multi-Chain Future with the Polygon Pathway

The Polygon Learn Pathway is the fastest way for developers to learn how to build on Polygon. Gain knowledge, complete tutorials, and get rewarded for community contributions and application development. Learn more by reading below. 

polygon learn

Why Build on Polygon?

Polygon, aka Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains, is one of the fastest growing networks within the Web 3 ecosystem and for good reason. Polygon aims to combine Ethereum scaling solutions like bridges, rollups, and sidechains into a highly customizable and extensible network that is designed to create a seamless developer and end-user experience. 

Advantages of building on Polygon: 

  1. Easy to port for Ethereum developers: Polygon uses an account-based Plasma (EVM) model rather than the UTXO system. This enables developers to leverage the entire Ethereum toolbox: smart contracts, developer tools, integration libraries, etc.
  2. Major focus on developer & user experience: Polygon provides UI libraries, SDKs & added services, enabling developers to focus on their core product. For example, the tools available include Dagger, a notification engine for smart contract related events, Transaction fee abstraction so DApps can pay for their users, and Walletconnect for easier private key management.
  3. Built to scale for mass adoption: The checkpointing layer makes Polygon orders of magnitude faster than the other Plasma implementations as they batch block proofs via checkpoints.
  4. Decentralized & secure: Polygon achieves decentralization and security via three layers of structure in its architecture: Proof of Stake consensus for block production, checkpointing layer to prevent fraudulent activity from validators, and a challenge system for potentially fraudulent transactions.

What can you Build on Polygon?

Polygon is a scalable extension to Ethereum and as such, it can power any type of DApps found on Ethereum. There are already 100s of applications focused on DeFi, NFTs, gaming, prediction markets, and more, live on Polygon.

Well known DeFi applications like Aave and SushiSwap are already live on Polygon and experiencing higher transaction volume than their Ethereum mainnet counterparts.

Figment Learn

At Figment, we care about the long-term growth and longevity of the Web 3 ecosystem, and we understand what developers need to build the next great decentralized application, which is why we have launched Figment Learn.

Learn Provides Developers with:

  • Free and easy access to the protocols necessary to power their applications via DataHub, our highly available read/write node and enriched API infrastructure.
  • Access to written and streamable educational materials and a diverse community built around learning and fostering ecosystem development.
  • Opportunities for developers to earn tokens by contributing to the community, building applications, and participating in hackathons.

We see Figment Learn as the Web 3 Knowledge base that will drive development and grow the Web 3 ecosystem to new heights.

The Polygon Learn Pathway

The Polygon Learn Pathway is an interactive and engaging way to learn how to build on Polygon. Developers will have to complete a suite of tutorials that will help them set up their first DApp (decentralized application) via DataHub, even with little to no Polygon expertise. 

polygon learn

The Polygon Pathway will teach developers how to:

  • Connect to Polygon
  • Query Polygon
  • Fund a Polygon Account
  • Deploy a Solidity Smart Contract
  • Call the Smart Contract

The Polygon Pathway is just the first step in your journey as a builder on Polygon. We will be incentivizing the next part of your journey thanks to a grant from the Polygon team.

We will be distributing $30,000 in MATIC tokens to developers who:

  • Contribute to our community by creating Polygon tutorials
  • Build applications on Polygon
  • Participate in Polygon hackathons

Experienced developers can earn $500 in MATIC tokens for every tutorial they create for our Polygon Learn developer community. Interested? Fill out this form to get started. 

In the future, we will be offering more opportunities designed to incentivize application development and hackathon participation. You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on future opportunities. 

Important Links:

Polygon DataHub Sign-up/Login

PolygonLearn Pathway

DataHub Community Discord

What to Expect

We hope to see the Polygon Learn Pathway become the strongest alignment mechanism between Polygon and its developer community who are now incentivized to see the value of the network and its tokens grow. 

Blockchain communities built around developers and education create a strong foundation for ecosystem growth. We look forward to seeing what Polygon developers build with DataHub and the Polygon Learn Pathway. Together, we can build a better Internet.

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