Terra: Daily Staking Rewards Reports

If you’re staking LUNA on the Terra network, and you’re delegating to Figment, you can access reports for the rewards that you’ve earned. Why is this important? Tax season is mere months away, and taxes for cryptocurrency are notoriously difficult.

This is just the beta version, so you’ll only see the LUNA tokens that you have earned. We will update our reporting feature to include all of the stablecoins in the near future. If you are subscribed to Figment Prime, you already have this feature.

Track Your Staking Rewards

Here’s how to do it.

First head to the Figment’s Terra page:

Then look for ‘Already Delegating?’ and enter your public address. The easiest way is to copy/paste it. Click ‘Staking Rewards Report’ to generate your report.

rewards reports

Note a couple of things:

  1. You can export your rewards report as a CSV file.
  2. It may look strange that the first entry is 0 and the second is large, compared with the entries that follow. That’s because Figment began tracking daily rewards in late October, and the second entry is the number of tokens earned for the period prior to that.
  3. Also note that (as mentioned) this is the beta version. Let us know if you encounter any issues via

If you’re not delegating to Figment’s validator, you can test this feature out by using the address of one of Figment’s existing delegators found here.