Figment Prime for Token Holders

Although making real progress, the staking industry as a whole is still experimental, and many networks were designed without some key investor/delegator/token-holder needs in mind. We are seeing heterogenous redelegation mechanics across chains, poor in-protocol reporting for tax purposes, opaque risk profiles, and varying degrees of communication from development teams. 

At Figment, we aim to alleviate the barriers to staking by solving those issues within a single interface and contact point. At its core, the staking industry has many similarities to the portfolio management industry, and Prime will be the first step to its institutionalization. Staking should be a seamless experience, with aggregated reporting and transparent information about all things happening on those networks. 

Figment Prime is for:

VC Funds


Hedge Funds



Figment Prime Overview

To support large and institutional token holders, Prime includes a proprietary portfolio management dashboard, exportable tax-compliant rewards reporting files, industry-leading SLAs, volume and time based fee rebates, advanced support (including private 24/7 Telegram/Slack channel support), monthly information calls with our technical & analyst team, access to our internal due diligence library & tools, and more.  

Prime offers a unique set of off & on-chain services for the largest token holders in a PoS network. Typical Prime members often have LPs that require proper reporting and regulated activities and they need the right tools to evaluate their risk profiles and make sensible stake or trade decisions. Prime customers value our close involvement with projects, which allows us to not only provide them with more visibility into their development, but also opens a gateway to active governance participation that impacts on the networks’ development. 

Prime qualification varies per network as the token and network values differ. Contact us to discuss Prime for your staking needs. 

Figment Prime Dashboard 

The Prime dashboard is an all-in-one portfolio management tool that allows delegators to track earnings reporting for the various networks Figment supports. Prime members receive monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to use for tax purposes. In the upcoming Prime update, members will be able to do much more from the interface:

  • Run investment and risk management scenarios on different networks using Prime Financial Models.
  • Get an in-depth look at leading indicator network analytics and data with Prime Insights
  • Stay up to date on network happenings with our weekly Prime Update
  • Access an evergreen library of Prime Diligence Reports for previewing upcoming networks and investment opportunities.
  • Live education events
  • Governance education and participation

Current & Upcoming Features

We have built Prime with our customers in mind and have developed an industry-leading offering for staking management and information access. Here is an exhaustive list of Prime features: 

  • Rewards reporting
  • Industry Leading SLAs
  • Slashing insurance  
  • Diligence reports on dozens of PoS networks 
  • Custom reward & slashing Models for better forecasting 
  • Monthly Analyst calls 
  • Advanced Analytics and Alerting 
  • Prime networking events & education sessions with top finance and legal teams
  • 24/7 private support
  • Third-party custody solutions are available through our institutional partners.

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Figment Prime offers advanced reporting, tooling and customer support for large token holders.

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