Blockchain Governance that Grows Communities

Blockchain Governance that Grows Communities

Governance-directed ecosystem growth for a diverse set of stakeholders, present & future.

Blockchain governance takes time and attention, especially for rapidly-evolving networks with varying levels of complexity. Stakeholders need to be informed and prepared to participate. Figment accelerates this process.

In order to make governance participation easier for a growing set of stakeholders, Figment provides services and develops software to make participation in blockchain governance simple and effective, while minimizing overhead for participants.

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Our governance services are for:


Blockchain Communities

Token Holders


Analytics Services

With Figment, you can

  1. Be influential – have what you need to effectively assert influence earlier in the decision-making process for the health of the network and the value of the token tokens.
  2. Minimize overhead – stakeholders can be deeply involved in network governance without having to navigate the distributed minutia of its evolving complexities.
  3. Stay informed – know how the network is fundamentally changing in simple terms, how that may change the value of token holdings, and how the risks and rewards of participating may change.

Whether you’re looking for a white glove service or to develop a public good, Figment’s objective is to improve the state of blockchain governance. How?

Governance Services

  • alerts, reporting, and analyses
  • education campaigns
  • community building and awareness
  • governance proposals

Governance Software

  • governance proposal browser
  • voting activity & statistics interface
  • monitoring and alerting for on-chain governance activity
  • voting functionality

At Figment, we understand the challenges of governance for stakeholders at all levels. If you or your organization are invested in the success of a blockchain network, contact us to discuss your governance needs.

Customer Quotes:


“One of the unique benefits that the Livepeer community receives from Figment’s active participation in governance is their well studied perspective. They have driven and actively participated in governance across many different protocols, and bring those learnings and experience into Livepeer to encourage community members to look beyond this singular protocol itself, and towards examples of what’s possible, what’s worked, and what’s failed in other ecosystems.”

Get Governance Moving with Figment

Figment offers governance software & services, both as white glove & public goods.