Digital Asset Staking Built for Institutions

The complete staking solution for 500 institutional clients including asset managers, custodians, exchanges, foundations, and wallets to earn rewards on their digital assets.

Our Institutional Partners

Earn Industry-Leading Rewards on Digital Assets

Staking performance is multifaceted, and Figment’s unique “safety over liveness” approach and slashing track record lead the industry.



Make Informed, Real-Time Decisions With our Tools & Insightful Data

Whether you’re staking from your fund or integrating staking into your product, rewards reporting tools and the Figment APIs will save you time and deliver insights.

Leverage our Experts to Accelerate Your Stake

Staking touches many parts of your business and Figment’s team is ready to discuss it all: technical integrations, protocol advisory, finance, accounting, legal and regulatory considerations, slashing prevention and coverage.


Staking Solutions

Tools for your whole company: visual performance, data exports, developer APIs, click-to-stake, custodian integrations, and more.

Built for Institutions

From staking digital assets to integrating staking, Figment offers comprehensive solutions at every stage of your staking journey.

Asset Managers

Staking is a new opportunity to earn rewards on your digital assets.

Exchanges & Marketplaces

Offer frictionless staking to your users, earn rewards, and secure networks.

Custodians & Wallets

Integrate staking solutions on established and emerging Proof-of-Stake protocols.


Leverage our expertise to launch your protocol & manage your treasury.

Fund Products

Create digital asset fund products underpinned by comprehensive on-chain data sets.

Data Platforms

Expand your data offering and give your users a quantitative edge in a growing asset class.

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