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Figment offers full-blockchain staking rewards for leading Proof-of-Stake protocols.

Why Use Figment for Staking Data

Indexing highly-voluminous blockchain data is difficult. Dedicated DevOps resources build and maintain endpoints to pull data from each chain, while data engineers and data scientists process and store the data. Figment takes the complexities out of indexing, standardizing, and delivering staking data across different blockchains and provides only the data you need. 

Use Cases

Source for index pricing:

Use the Rewards Rate API to provide network-wide annualized Staking Rewards Rate (SRR) data as input to index or benchmark pricing calculations.

Build validator performance benchmarks:

Use granular full-blockchain staking data to measure validator rewards performance or create network-specific validator performance benchmarks.

Support insurance underwriting or track slashing events

Use data to support insurance underwriting decisions and monitor for slashing or negative rewards events.

The MarketVector™ Figment Staking Rewards Products

MarketVectorTM Figment Ethereum Staking Reward Reference Rate

MarketVectorTM Figment Ethereum Total Return Index

The MarketVector™ Figment Ethereum Staking Rewards Reference Rate is a leading industry standard for ETH, a daily annualized rate that combines Ethereum’s consensus and execution layer rewards. By incorporating all possible reward sources and slashing incidents, our rate offers a complete perspective on Ethereum’s performance.

The rewards rate is an input to the MarketVector™ Figment Ethereum Total Return Index, which is a daily calculation and fully customizable index that combines the market price of Ethereum with the MarketVector™ Figment Ethereum Staking Rewards Reference Rate.

Thanks to Figment and MarketVector’s robust data capabilities, we can offer extensive customization options for the MarketVector™ Figment Ethereum Total Return Index, including:

Market Price Timing

Our off-the-shelf product is calculated at 4 pm CET but we can tailor it based on your product's market.

Rewards Type

Choose between Consensus and Execution layer rewards or opt for Consensus layer-only rewards.

Validator Subsets

Our index considers the entire ETH network, however we can create custom versions based on specific validators.

Distinct Reward Models

Select from Compounding Rewards Model, Accumulating Rewards Model, or Distributing Rewards Model to suit your unique product strategies and objectives.

Utilization Rate

Optimize your rewards and liquidity needs by using an index that considers the amount of your portfolio that is staked. Our standard is 90%, but this can be customized to meet your needs.


Personalize your indexes with your institution's name or leverage the reputable MarketVector and Figment brands.

How Staking Data is Provided

Full-blockchain historical or on-going data is accessed via Figment’s API products, Rewards and Rewards Rate, or through batch delivery via Figment’s Rewards Export product:

Rewards Rate API
provides a time series of the daily annualized Staking Rewards Rate based on full-blockchain rewards and balances.

Rewards API
offers access to granular and aggregated rewards and balances data for all delegators and validators. 

Rewards Export
shares the exports of granular full-blockchain rewards, balances, and slashing data in a file.

Figment Advantages

Access Best-in-Class Staking Data
Staking data is accessible for all validators on a supported network.

Save Significant Costs Compared to In-house Development
Staking data is available for a fraction of the cost of in-house development.

Unified Data Delivery
Figment abstracts away blockchain-specific nuances to deliver accurate and usable data for each network.

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