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Bringing together point-and-click tools with insightful data sets to manage your staking positions, Figment is the complete staking solution for institutions.


Manage your staking positions with ease.

Track & Manage Rewards

View your staking positions in real time as well as stake, unstake, and view rewards.

Comprehensive Reporting

Track your portfolio across multiple networks and download detailed reports.

Custodian Integrations

Stake digital assets secured by multiple custodians directly from within the Figment Staking App.

Figment Supports
Established & Emerging Protocols


4.93% SRR


7.58% SRR


13.84% SRR
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Our unique staking dashboard and insights section provides data on protocol wide and validator specific performance. For technical integrations, developers have a special section to manage our Staking and Rewards APIs.


Experience the best point-and-click staking interface for a wide variety of protocols. Stake, unstake, and view rewards from multiple custodians in one place.


View and download detailed ETH and SOL rewards history in platform to get the most up-to-date data at your fingertips. 

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