Stake Securely with Ease

Maintain control of your digital assets, earn rewards, and track performance via Figment’s easy-to-use interface. Stake with our industry leading infrastructure, preferred by the largest digital asset institutions in the industry. 

Trusted by the world’s largest digital asset institutions


ETH Staking Rewards Rate (SRR)

$135M USD

Total ETH rewards earned for customers


% of ETH network staked via Figment’s infrastructure

The Figment Difference

Keep Your Rewards

Retain 100% of Consensus Layer rewards earned


Stake non-custodially from your MetaMask or Wallet Connect-compatible wallet

No Pooling

Earn rewards with confidence that your ETH is never pooled with other ETH

On-Chain Billing

Supported by an audited, individual smart contract that automatically pays validator fees on-chain eliminating the need for off-chain invoicing


Stake through Figment’s SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified infrastructure

Staking ETH on the Figment app

Effortlessly manage your ETH staking positions while benefiting from our invaluable performance insights and comprehensive rewards reports.

Secure Staking, with Ease

True Non-Custodial Staking 

Maintain control over setting the validator’s withdrawal address to an address you control, unlike with other staking providers where you lose control of your validator’s withdrawal address and the custody of your ETH.

Earn Optimized Rewards

Figment clients benefit from our engineering and protocol expertise to earn consistent staking rewards supported by our safety over liveness approach.

Comprehensive Rewards Reporting

The Figment app offers portfolio rewards tracking via in-app dashboards, reports, or CSV file download for all the validator addresses you track with Figment.

Stake Securely with Confidence

Staking in the Figment app provides access to the same secure infrastructure that leading institutions use, supported by our leading devops and technical support teams.

Track Any Address

Use Figment as your staking control center to track and access reporting on any ETH validator or address - whether you stake all or just a portion of your ETH with Figment.

On-Chain Billing  

Supported by an audited, individual smart contract that automatically pays validator fees on-chain eliminating the need for off-chain invoicing.

Designed for Simplicity and Security


Staking Dashboard

Our unique staking dashboard and insights section provides data on protocol wide and validator specific performance.


Point-and-Click Staking

Experience the best point-and-click ETH staking interface. Stake, unstake, and view rewards from multiple custodians in one place.


Rewards Statements

View and download detailed ETH rewards history in platform to get the most up-to-date data at your fingertips. 

Your Staking Questions, Answered​

The latest annualized staking rewards rate (SRR) for ETH can be found on the Dashboard page within the Figment app. The rate displayed reflects the annualized SRR of all Figment validators and is updated daily.

You keep all of the consensus layer rewards earned by your validator when staking through the Figment app and only pay a service fee when your validator is selected to propose a block and earns execution layer rewards. This fee is collected on-chain automatically through a smart contract. Currently, the service fee is 30% of execution layer rewards, but is subject to change – see below for a diagram of this fee in relation to total ETH rewards earned.

The time it takes to begin earning rewards and to unstake a validator on Ethereum varies over time. Up-to-date activation and withdrawal times can be found on the Dashboard page within the Figment app.

Figment app supports MetaMask and all Wallet Connect-compatible wallets, which includes many wallets from leading custodians like Fireblocks and Anchorage and leading self-custody wallets such as Ledger.

No – at least not yet. The Figment app only supports native protocol staking, which is in increments of 32 ETH.

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