Figment APIs Unlock New Revenue Streams

Our APIs simplify the integration of staking services on your platform. Broadcast transactions programmatically and leverage sophisticated reporting to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Why Use Figment APIs

Cut Development Time

Reduce asset and staking integration time with our APIs.

Optimize Development Resources

Save costs requiring less engineering overhead for integrations.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Delight customers with comprehensive rewards reporting.

Simplify Your Stack

Leverage an integrated solution from discovery to growth.

Build With Confidence

Reliability and security with our institutional-grade infrastructure.

Staking API

Figment’s Staking API drastically increases the speed at which developers can add staking functionality for many digital assets. The Staking API abstracts away network-specific operations, allowing API interaction in the exact same way, regardless of network or the type of action a user wishes to take.

Available ON:

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How Staking API Works

How Rewards API Works

Rewards API

Our Rewards API does all the heavy lifting to calculate the staking rewards earned by Figment validators for several digital assets including Ethereum and Solana. This allows users to quickly see the precise amount of tokens being earned by Figment validators.

Available ON:

More Coming Soon

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Figment APIs streamline staking integrations:

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