Slashing Coverage

Institutions need scalable slashing coverage that will safeguard against digital asset loss exposure.

About our Coverage

Figment offers peace of mind to its customers by running some of the industry’s most robust infrastructure, including a SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified environment, as well as holistic coverage to mitigate risks associated with slashing events.

We quantify risk exposure per network and protect client delegations through multiple layers of coverage targeting three kinds of loss:

Figment is the first staking provider to contractually commit to offering double-sign slashing alerting. By prioritizing transparency across all its supported networks, Figment bolsters its position as the best staking partner for institutional customers.

About Slashing

Slashing is a security mechanism built into Proof-of-Stake networks to discourage undesirable behavior by validators. These slashing penalties affect both validators and token holders and vary depending on the network.

If you want to learn how Figment mitigates staking-type risks and protects against loss of funds, please reach out.

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