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Your Key to Web 3: Stake tokens, build applications, and participate in blockchain governance.

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  • Token Holders

    Stake your tokens, earn rewards and participate in governance

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Stake your tokens and earn rewards

The world’s most secure infrastructure, now on 20+ mainnets
  • Secure Staking Infrastructure

    Tier 4 data center & multi-cloud redundancy across 3 continents
  • Focus on governance & inclusion

    Actively participating in network proposals and providing a voice to token holders in governance matters.
  • Full Reporting

    Offering in-depth reporting of staking rewards for tax and compliance optimization.
  • Industry-leading SLA

    Providing SLAs to guarantee validator uptime and full rewards payout across supported networks.
  • “Figment exceeded our expectations in technical expertise and customer service. They outperform competitors and provide client services that makes us feel valued and attended to.”

  • “It’s been a pleasure working with Figment from day one. Figment has an impeccable reputation as one of the leading PoS validators globally, with an impressive portfolio of customers.”

  • “It's important for us to have an active role in our investments. Figment's technical expertise and comprehensive support made onchain participation easy on the SKALE Network.”

  • “Figment is our chosen staking partner because of their dedication to network success, while ensuring we are protected when staking our token investments.”

Start building on Web 3 today

Use the most powerful features of a blockchain without overhead
  • Focus On Your DApp

    Building on Web 3 shouldn't be hard. DataHub eliminates the hassle of running your own infrastructure so that you can focus on building.
  • No More Nodes

    Forget about running nodes, subscribe to our API suite to submit transactions and perform read queries on-chain.
  • Unlock Unique Features

    Providing Enriched APIs to help developers unlock the unique features and attributes of Web 3 protocols.
  • “Not needing to build the infrastructure, maintain it and scale it as the project grows, gave us a lot of room to focus on the project itself.”

  • “Figment's response time to technical requests are streamlined and the onboarding process of DataHub’s web interface saves time when we need a new endpoint.”

  • “DataHub helps developers get started quickly and provides a scalable solution. It has been a pleasure for us to use DataHub, and it's the solution we recommend for Secret developers.”

  • “We're continuously impressed by the support Figment brings to the table. Our community has become their community. Figment has distinguished themselves as a peerless partner.”

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Transparency and knowledge you need to make an impact in decentralized ecosystem

Become An Active Participant

View proposals and participate in on-chain governance via Hubble

Compare & Select

Learn the basics of new protocols and discover the perfect network for your DApp

Stake With Confidence

View transactional and staking data updated in real-time, as well as all historical validator and staking data

Learn to Build

Learn how to build decentralized applications and get rewarded for completing tutorials