Click-To-Stake Ethereum Is Now Live in Fireblocks, Powered by Figment

July 6, 2023



We are thrilled to announce Fireblock’s customers can now click-to-stake Ethereum and Solana to earn staking rewards and participate in the network’s security. 

The click-to-stake feature offered by Fireblocks and Figment allows clients to stake with just a few simple steps. This streamlines the staking process, further reducing the barriers to stake and enabling a wide range of institutions to earn rewards on their digital assets with Figment’s institutional-grade validators.  

With almost 1 Million ETH staked to Figment validators, Figment is the largest non-custodial staking provider for Ethereum. 

Key Figment Features

  • Seamless staking – Take advantage of a seamless staking experience while Fireblocks and Figment supply key infrastructure to enable you to earn staking rewards without complex processes and overhead. 
  • Maintain full control – Delegated tokens remain securely stored in your Fireblocks wallets while staking your assets with Figment’s robust, audited and non-custodial staking infrastructure. 
  • Unique staking dashboard  – Whether you stake all your ETH with Figment or just part, you can use the Figment app as your staking control center to track and access reporting on any ETH validator and any address. Figment will deliver monthly statements and rewards reports.
  • Robust ETH Infrastructure – Figment’s next generation infrastructure solution provides operational and comprehensive management controls, giving institutional clients peace of mind including multi-layer MEV-boosted rewards (Flashbots & Eden), SOC 2 Type I and ISO 27001 certified environment, multi-client (Teku, Lighthouse) and multi-region support. Our battle-tested, audited, and scalable Ethereum architecture delivers the optimal uptime according to Figment’s unique “safety over liveness” approach.
  • No pooling of your ETH –  With Figment, each customer gets their own smart contract and your funds are never pooled or commingled. Other staking providers share smart contracts among users, pooling their ETH after delegation and receiving rewards.


​​The ETH staking opportunity

Staking ETH offers a unique opportunity for digital asset holders, by contributing to the stability and security of the Ethereum network, token holders are rewarded with freshly minted ETH and transaction fees, making it a beneficial relationship between the protocol and staking participants.

 There are plenty of reasons to explain why now is the perfect time to start staking ETH: 

  • Stakers directly accumulate rewards in ETH: Deploy no additional capital to increase your ETH allocation.
  • Increased ETH Rewards through MEV: Benefit from MEV-Boost when staking to earn additional rewards.
  • ETH’s deflationary supply: Achieved through burning the base fee paid per transaction.
  • Improve network security: As more ETH is staked, the network becomes increasingly resilient against attacks. 

With over $3B in total assets under stake and 0 Double-sign slashing events from our inception in 2018, Figment is the proven market leader for staking. Figment offers peace of mind to its customers by running the industry’s most robust staking infrastructure, including a SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified environment, smart contracts fully audited by Halborn, and comprehensive coverage to mitigate loss associated with slashing events.

Figment’s team has extensive knowledge intended to help dive into the specifics such as protocol upgrades and staking information. Meet with us to learn more about staking.



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