Figment Partners with Oamo to Reach ETH Stakers

September 13, 2023

Oamo is built to empower sovereign individuals and on a mission to empower their users as the sole owners of their data while helping them unlock its true value. The platform allows organizations to identify, understand, and acquire power users without compromising their privacy. Oamo offers a new type of data economy where companies can acquire rich anonymized consumer data and establish direct relationships with their target audience. By leveraging Oamo’s data pool system, Figment can incentivize user acquisition, ensuring that each user aligns perfectly with its target demographic before sending them exclusive offers via Oamo’s encrypted messaging system.

While Ethereum staking is constantly reaching new adoption heights, it can still feel prohibitively complicated for holders to become stakers due to the technical nature of solo staking and the 32 ETH minimum requirement to set up a validator and stake. With the launch of the Figment app, Figment aims to connect with large ETH holders to educate them and help them seamlessly generate staking rewards. Traditionally focused on institutional clients, Figment is looking to build a relationship with individual holders who are ready to start staking.

Oamo’s unique approach enables Figment to connect with ETH holders who may be interested in staking. Through these highly targeted engagements, Figment can effectively promote the benefits of the Figment app to users most likely to stake ETH with Figment, thus maximizing their marketing efficiency and the adoption of its new product. Oamo provides an alternative to traditional ad platforms that can drive more efficient ad spending, more precise targeting, and improving brand trust.

What will this partnership accomplish?

Figment aims to onboard new ETH stakers to the Figment app and its staking services and help them generate higher rewards. Starting with an initial data pool, coupled with exclusive offers for the Figment app, Figment aims to expand to more customer verticals, support industry innovation, and continue to expand their footprint through effective and efficient marketing, including this partnership with Oamo.

“At Figment, our goal is simple: put users in control with transparent, non-custodial staking. That’s why we’re working with Oamo, who is pioneering a new approach to user-led marketing. Blockchains allow for new models that empower users, and that’s why we’re excited to innovate with Oamo,” Andrew Cronk, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Figment.

Figment wants stakers to maintain control of their digital assets while being able to earn rewards. Our new easy-to-use interface makes it easy to experience industry leading staking, preferred by the largest digital asset institutions.

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