Introducing A New Way to Access Figment’s Powerful ETH Staking Infrastructure

August 15, 2023

Since our inception in 2018, Figment has been focused on providing institutions with access to leading staking infrastructure. Now, we are excited to announce that our best-in-class staking solution is available for everyone to experience through the new Figment app.

Enter the Figment app, where any user with 32 ETH or more can access institutional-grade staking.

We are bringing together our experience as the world’s largest independent staking provider to offer you the complete staking experience. Users with 32 ETH or more to stake from their MetaMask or Wallet Connect-compatible wallet are able to access Figment’s suite of staking tools, including point-and-click staking, comprehensive insights dashboards, real-time rewards tracking, and rewards statements. As always, you can count on the performance and safety that Figment is known for, now through an easy-to-use platform, providing a single place to manage your digital assets. 

Grow Your ETH With Figment

Staking on Ethereum offers a unique opportunity for digital asset holders to earn rewards. Today, it’s extremely difficult to track daily rewards or access standardized rewards statements across different addresses and staking providers. Holders have to manage multiple data sources and platforms. Staking with Figment eliminates these challenges and simplifies the Ethereum staking process. How do we do this? 

True Non-Custodial Staking 

Maintain control of your ETH by setting the validator withdrawal address to an address you control, unlike with other staking providers where you lose control of your validator’s withdrawal address along with the custody of your ETH.

Individual Smart Contracts & On-Chain Billing

Figment uses individual smart contracts for each customer that automatically split rewards. This eliminates the need for off-chain ETH billing or invoicing, while also reducing potential hacking risks. Read more about our on-chain billing model here. 

No ETH Pooling 

Unlike other staking providers where you share smart contracts with other users, your funds are never pooled or commingled when staking with Figment.

Powerful ETH Infrastructure 

Our next-generation infrastructure solution provides operational and comprehensive management controls, giving you peace of mind including multi-layer MEV-boosted rewards, SOC 2 Type 1 and ISO 27001 certified environment, multi-client, and multi-region support.

Track Any Address 

Use Figment as your staking control center to track and access reporting on any ETH validator or address – whether you stake all or just a portion of your ETH with Figment. You can also stake from your custodian or Ledger device, relying on Figment to deliver rewards statements and reports.

Expert Data Insights 

Within the Figment app, you can visualize key ETH protocol metrics that other market-leading data services would require an additional subscription to access. Users can leverage these insights to help understand and inform staking decisions. 

Figment’s ETH Features 

  • Collect More Rewards: Benefit from our multi-relay MEV-boosted optimized rewards
  • Multi-Client Infrastructure: Figment supports both the Lighthouse and Teku Ethereum clients
  • Robust Risk Coverage: All Figment customers have exclusive access to purchase double-sign slashing coverage through our partner, Nexus Mutual

Our Unique Staking Experience

The Figment app features Staking and Insights Dashboards that support users in their end-to-end staking journey.

  • Our Staking Dashboard provides the information you need to measure and track your ETH staking performance across different validators. 
  • The Insights Dashboard provides protocol-wide performance data allowing you to benchmark performance and keep up-to-date with important metrics. 

Advantages of Using the Figment app

Securely managing and tracking staked assets can be challenging and even more so if you’re using multiple custody and staking providers. In addition to these challenges, ensuring your assets are safe and reconciling rewards can be resource intensive and time consuming. 

Our new app addresses these concerns by providing a single, easy-to-use dashboard to stake, track rewards, and access insights on your digital assets – whether you stake 32 or 3200 ETH.

At Figment, we’re dedicated to creating the best staking experience for everyone. Launching the Figment app, we’re building upon years of experience to deliver the best solution for your staking needs. 

Ready to Stake?

The Figment app is now available for everyone. Start staking now or watch our video overview

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