January 2024 Newsletter: Step into 2024 with Figment: Our outlook for the year ahead & more

January 17, 2024

2024 Insights & Outlook from Figment

Dive into the future of blockchain with our 2024 outlook. Explore key trends in ETH staking, new networks, and more. 

From the rise of Ethereum post Beacon Chain, to the chatter of ETFs & ETPs in the markets, we take a look at the industry landscape in 2024. 


Figment’s Q4 Ethereum Validator Report

Our Q4 Validator report covers all of Figment’s Ethereum validators that were active throughout the months of October, November, and December in 2023.

On Ethereum, Figment is the largest independent staking provider with nearly 5% of staked ETH on our validators. Here’s a snapshot of our results:

  • ~23% of ETH Circulating Supply Staked 
  • Figment’s average SRR Rate throughout Q3 was 4.2%
  • 0 Double-sign Slashing Events on Figment Validators
  • Figment participation rate in Q3 was 99.9% 


Introducing Aleo: A Privacy-Focused Zero-Knowledge Proof Based Layer 1 

This new network aims to be the world’s leading developer platform for zero-knowledge based applications. To achieve this, Aleo is launching with a number of unique developer tools and software to make ZK-app programming fast and easy.

Learn more about their plan and staking on Aleo in our first look article. 


New Network News

View our latest comprehensive staking guide on DYDX in 2024

🔍 ICYMI: Stacks First Look 

📌 The Essential Staking Guide for Sei Network’s SEI Token

🦾 ICYMI: EigenLayer First Look: Unleashing Ethereum’s Trust Layer

🔁 EigenLayer Native ETH Restaking Guide for Fireblocks

Figment Events

Catch Figment’s CEO, Lorien Gabel, at Global ALTs 2024. Discover the latest developments with staking and more at our very own booth. 

An exciting event for networking with leaders in the industry.



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