Solana Staking Made Simple: Introducing SOL Click-to-Stake in Figment App

July 10, 2024

Solana (SOL) staking is now available in the Figment App! This integration brings a seamless, user-friendly staking experience to SOL holders and the most comprehensive rewards tracking. Start earning rewards with just a few clicks.

Key Features:

  • Simple Staking Process: Delegate your SOL to our public validator in just a few clicks
  • Wide Wallet Support: Compatible with popular wallets like Fireblocks, Phantom, and Trust Wallet, as well as any WalletConnect-enabled wallet.
  • Comprehensive Rewards: Daily, monthly, and all-time aggregated rewards, as well as broken down by wallet
  • Easy Management: Enjoy an easy unstaking process

Why Choose Figment for SOL Staking?

As of July 2024, our public SOL validator has nearly 9 million SOL delegated, making it one of the most popular and secure options for SOL staking. We optimize for industry-leading rewards while maintaining high-security standards.

MEV Rewards Integration

Our validator incorporates MEV rewards through Jito’s built-in marketplace. These rewards are reflected in your SOL rewards, both in the Figment dashboard and our SOL Rewards Reporting API. This provides you with clear insights into your staking rewards, differentiating between inflationary and transaction-driven rewards.

Stakers should be aware of the blended fee structure from these rewards to understand your staking reward rate (SRR). Keep an eye on upcoming governance proposals that could impact how these rewards are shared, potentially boosting your rewards. For more details, visit the article.

Ready to start staking your SOL? Watch the guide below and head over to the Figment app to get started. 

About Figment

Figment is the leading provider of staking infrastructure, providing the complete staking solution for over 500 institutional clients, including asset managers, exchanges, wallets, foundations, custodians, and large token holders, to earn rewards on their digital assets. On Solana, Figment is one of the largest non-custodial staking providers of staked SOL. Institutional staking services from Figment include seamless point-and-click staking, portfolio reward tracking, API integrations, audited infrastructure, and slashing protection. This all leads to Figment’s mission to support the adoption, growth, and long-term success of the digital asset ecosystem. To learn more about Figment, please visit

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