Figment Validators

Our enterprise-grade staking infrastructure prioritizes the security and resiliency of staked assets while minimizing risk.

Our Institutional Partners

The Complete Staking Solution Built for Institutions

Rewards Optimization

Figment clients benefit from our engineering and protocol expertise to earn consistent staking rewards via our safety over liveness approach.

Robust Risk Coverage

Stay protected against slashing, missed rewards, and downtime with our multi-tiered coverage, including insurance and Figment's balance sheet.

Comprehensive Rewards Reporting

Available via CSV or via API, offering portfolio rewards tracking across multiple networks.

Seamless Staking Integration

Implement staking services seamlessly with Figment’s universal Staking API to accelerate your go-to-market strategy across all major protocols. Start earning staking revenue much faster than building an in-house solution.

Protocol Research & Insights

Gain understanding and increased confidence in your staking decisions by connecting with Figment’s dedicated, global team who regularly publish industry-leading research and insights.

Expansive Protocol Support

Figment offers staking for a wide range of leading Proof-of-Stake networks with a robust pipeline of future additions.

Figment Supports Established &
Emerging Protocols


8.00% SRR






4.76% SRR



White Label Validators

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